Step 1: Order Website

Everything you need to order a new website for your shop, is provide a valid email for us.

Step 2: Explain Goals

After you press the button, small questionnaire will be sent to your email. Fill it carefully and send us back. Thus you'll help us learn about your business and begin to plan your future website.

Simultaneously, we'll start setting up your website software and layout design.

Step 3: Get Online

After 5-7 business days and domain registration procedure (if necessary), your new website will be available online.

Your New Shop Website in 5 Days!

Up to 30 Content Pages + Home and Feedback

• 5 Search Engine Optimized Web Pages

• Site Content Management System

• Customized Layout


Default Website Setup:

• Welcome and About Pages

• Deals and Discounts Page

• New Arrivals Page

• Product Catalogue and Prices

• Feedback Page with Interactive Map


1 Year Free Support *

10 Gb 20 Gb Data Storage + 10 Gb 20 Gb Database Space

• Weekly Website Backups and CMS Updates


* order today to receive additional disk space for the website


Best solution for Shop Website! This option is ideal for: any shops such as apparel stores, farm markets, trade centers, malls and so on.

Debian Percona Ubuntu
Windows Android Apple iOS

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